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How To Know Which Protein Is Right For You

So many excellent types of proteins have been produced leaving most people confused on which protein they should be taking. Many manufacturers are producing many types of proteins explaining their benefits and why you should consider their products. Bodybuilders and any person looking to take protein needed only to pick out several types of the many variants of protein supplement. For added information about dietary supplements visit this site

The most easily ordered protein is the whey protein. Some few years ago, whey protein was the only protein supplement that was sold in health food shops. This protein is good because of its quick digestibility and therefore making it ideal for athletes and bodybuilders to take immediately after a session. After muscle fatigue, our bodies require food and the protein need to be transported as fast as possible.

Whey proteins are of two types, the concentrate, and the isolate types. Whey concentrates made of 80% protein while the whey isolate is 90% protein. Apart from the cost, this two proteins will have a difference to some users. Whey concentrate is less costly than the whey isolate. Most athletes order whey isolate when they need highest quality protein although the concentrate type can be equally good. Whey isolate is also recommended for people who are lactose intolerant and have other complications taking whey concentrate. Whey protein is a good choice when you want to save your money, and you have no stomach issues taking whey concentrate.

Apart from the whey proteins, there are slower digesting proteins which are being introduced into the market. Micellar casein is one common slower digesting protein. This protein is similar to the protein found in cottage cheese. Most bodybuilders will consume cottage cheese before they go to bed. The reason behind this is that micellar protein will digest over several hours, unlike whey protein which is instant. Apart from the micellar protein other slower digesting proteins include egg white protein, whole egg protein, milk isolate protein, gemma pea protein, hemp protein, soy protein among many others. However, you do not have to take this protein powders unless you think that it is important or if you have some cash to spend on the expensive proteins. For a supplement drink at whatever time you should mix at least two proteins for better results and what protein have a large number of proteins that people can purchase from.

With all that said, all you have to know is that whey protein is good for after activity and a slow digesting protein for other occasions in the day and night and buying from what protein can provide that.

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